Celeste Miller

What the critics have to say: A Sampling

"A genuine treasure." - Los Angeles Times


"Power, passion and considerable wit... a touching vulnerability, a quality that taps responsive chords in others." - Atlanta Constitution


"With her lanky Tomboy's build, her fashion model's cheekbones and pout, her dancer's discipline and self-deprecatory humor, Miller is one of the most likeable performers ever to play Sushi [Performance Gallery San Diego, CA]" - Los Angeles Times


"The specificity of Miller's anecdotes in time, place, and persons, serves as a potent anodyne for the bombardment of mass culture that would rob us of the particularity of our lives.  Miller's honest, vulnerability and delightfully energetic and dancerly delivery create a heartening and moving achievement in laying bare a big heart in an ordinary life." - High Performance Magazine


"Monologues in motion... Miller's combination of expert storytelling and movement." Los Angeles Times


"Watching Celeste Miller's motivated dance pieces, you get the feeling you're in the middle of Hamlet, hiding behind a tree and watching Ophelia before she leaps into the stream to drown herself.  Miller is a talking dancer, a dancing talker; the words inform the movement, the movement draws out the words, and it's all a very antic disposition." - The Austin Chronicle


"Her performance style melds [dance and storytelling] in a narrative swirl of sinuous motion, interwoven motifs and shifting personas." - The Boston Globe


"Miss Miller is nothing short of astounding in her athleticism...very much her own master choreographer, she paints her dances as she paints the poetry of her life.  Awesomely controlled; quick in manifesting her innocently tense recollections into soft, playful, angular, sharply articulated movement." - New York Villager Downtown


".. A compelling evening in the theatre." - Los Angeles Times


"Miller is not to be counted among performance solipsists - she always forges pictures larger than herself, pictures that touch a universal humanity, pictures that do more than rail at the injustices perpetrated by society. A genuine treasure." - Los Angeles Times