Celeste Miller
"Unusual Activity" Choreography Celeste Miller


Celeste Miller is a choreographer, solo performer, community arts animator.

Her stage work intertwines movement with text in a choreographed arrangement of the body and spoken language to create a mytho-poetic symbol system. As a result, the relationship of text to movement and image are in a constant shift of subtext to one another through the manipulation of juxtapositions. Noted dance writer Marcia B. Siegel described her as a “master orchestrator” of this form. 

Celeste explores the possibilities of dance as a performing art, cultural practice, political act and a method for the embodiment of ideas and beliefs.  

Dubbed "Dance Whisperer",  Celeste has devoted her life to finding ways that anybody and everybody can find a way to experience the world, and express ideas through participatory dance-making.